Rob Terwel MSc


Rob Terwel


  • Complex Systems Modelling MSc
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences BSc & BA


  • Researcher, Consultant & Modeller Quintel Intelligence
About Rob

Rob is partner and co-founder of Kalavasta. He has a background in physics, mathematics, chemistry and philosophy and holds an MSc in Complex Systems Modelling (Distinction) from King’s College London and a BSc and BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (magna cum laude) from University College Utrecht. Rob has experience as a consultant, researcher and modeller at Quintel Intelligence, where he worked on a variety of projects (a.o. hydrogen options, flexibility and the energy-intensive industry). Upon finishing his MSc degree, he decided to combine his motivation to contribute to building a climate neutral, resilient society and his knowledge of and interest in complex systems, and co-founded Kalavasta.

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