Together with our partners, we identified the need for integral simulation models that would allow the exploration of a climate neutral future in an integral and quantitative manner. These models are freely accessible below and we employ them to provide strategic insights.


The Agri-food-nature Transition Model (ATM)

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The Agri-food-nature Transition Model (ATM) is a simulation tool for exploring a future Dutch agricultural and food system. It allows the user to make changes to both volumes of production and consumption as well as the manner of production. The model in turn provides feedback for the user for instance regarding nutrient losses, circularity, emissions, land footprint and impact on biodiversity. The ATM was developed in collaboration with a wide consortium consisting of stakeholders in the field of agriculture and food processing, as well as the Institute for Sustainable Process Technologies (ISPT), NGOs, and Wageningen University and Research (WUR).


The Carbon Transition Model (CTM)

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The Carbon Transition Model (CTM) is simulation tool for exploring routes to a future climate-neutral Dutch heavy industry. The model allows the user to change both the production volumes as well as feedstocks and production technologies and provides in turn feedback on for instance emissions (direct, indirect and downstream), costs and demand of feedstocks. The CTM was developed in collaboration with many industrial companies, with help from knowledge institutes and the Institute for Sustainable Process Technologies (ISPT).