Help build a more intelligent, sustainable and resilient society.

The Job - (Junior) Transition Consultant

Are you enthusiastic about having a positive impact on society, furthering some of the most difficult transitions society has ever experienced and do you have excellent quantitative skills?

At Kalavasta we work on discovering and realising sustainable equilibria. We develop insights and models on complex issues which change the way people and organisations think and act. Our main focus is on the energy transition. Recently we worked out how synthetic kerosene could make aviation carbon neutral, assisted various organisations in the negotiations in the Dutch Climate and Energy Agreement and developed a model to evaluate various decarbonisation options in the energy-intensive industry.

We are looking to expand our team with a junior consultant who will work on a variety of projects together with our team, external partners and clients, and on an even larger variety of topics. Your activities may include but not be limited to developing models, conducting (scientific) research, meeting and/or discussing with technical experts and clients and attending conferences.


  • have strong quantitative skills (not necessarily a quantitative degree)
  • have a university degree with excellent track record (e.g. grades/internships/dissertation)
  • are strongly proficient in English and (at least) proficient in Dutch
  • are a curious, open and critical thinker - thinking further and beyond
  • ‘naturally' pick up new things quickly, perhaps without noticing
  • are able to work independently and together on intellectual challenges
  • are a strong communicator (speaker ánd listener), sifting what is key
  • are profoundly motivated by our mission, which manifests itself in your personal life


You will
  • (further) develop a system’s perspective
  • sharpen and challenge your thinking and that of others
  • learn a lot about the various systems we deal with
  • be at the forefront of many developments, technical, economical and social
  • be able to initiate and perform rewarding work
  • meet a large variety of people and organisations
  • enjoy an excellent work-life balance
  • have a substantial and flexible number of holidays
  • receive a competitive financial compensation
  • receive a share of our profit margin

Experience with or a background in energy is not required. We welcome applications from diverse backgrounds, although strong quantitative affinity will be expected and is to be demonstrated. Kalavasta will however only take further applications from exceptional candidates demonstrating very strong potential.

To apply and learn more, please send a brief letter about yourself, your cv and gradelists to You can also reach us this way should you have any questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.